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Over time we all lose collagen from our skin as we age. Genetics and lifestyle affects how quickly this happens. Smokers will lose collagen and elastin quicker and skin will sag and become lined.

Scupltra stimulates collagen production in our own skin so the results are natural looking, gradual and long lasting.

This treatment is great at restoring lost volume in the cheeks and temples and will improve the overall tone and condition of the skin as new collagen is laid down. It can soften nose-to-mouth lines and improve the jaw line contour.

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Muscle relaxing injectionsMuscle relaxing injections

This treatment is excellent for preventing and treating frown lines between the brows, forehead lines and crows feet. Administered correctly it can lift a tired or heavy brow and give a natural refreshed look to the eyes.

In the lower face in selected patients it can relax downturned mouth corners, chin creases and neck bands. Improvements last on average 4 months before re-treatment is required.

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Dermal fillers

Virtually all dermal fillers are based on hyaluronic acid (present in all body cells). They are ideal for softening deep frown lines, nose-to-mouth lines, corner of mouth creases and defining the lip border and increasing lip volume. Smokers lines can also be improved.

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Cheek enhancement

As we age the natural contours of out face change as the separate fat pads in the face shrink and move downwards. The first ones to show signs of deterioration are under the eyes and this can show as hollowing or in some cases as eye bags. Then there is loss of volume in the mid-face or malar area. This will show as loss of the fullness of the cheeks and facial contours with corresponding formation of nose-to-mouth lines and jowls. By adding volume to the mid face we can correct or at least improve these problem areas and in some cases this can be like a mid face lift, preventing the need for surgery. Products used can be hyaluronic acid fillers eg. Juvederm Ultra, Restylane Sub Q or Radiesse for an instant improvement or Sculptra for a gradual but longer-lasting improvement.

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RadiesseThis FDA approved filler is my choice for instant cheek lift. It will stimulate collagen growth where it is placed and lasts 12-15 months. It is also goo for deep nose-to-mouth folds and mouth corners.